Permitting and Agency Coordination

NEPA Compliance

NV5 performs technical environmental analyses and prepares the Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) or Environmental Assessments necessary to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).  NV5 staff have prepared hundreds of documents to fulfill NEPA requirements.


NV5 prepares the environmental information necessary to support applications for a variety of permits including, but not limited to, National Pollutant Discharge Eliminating System (NPDES) construction stormwater and industrial wastewater discharge permits, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Certificates, Federal Clean Water Act Section 401 and 404 permits, erosion and sediment control plan approvals, coastal area development permits, and stream encroachment permits.

Agency Coordination

NV5 assists clients in coordinating with Federal, State and Local agencies to determine issues of concern early in the planning process.  NV5 helps clients prepare consultation letters, attends agency preapplication meetings and accompanies agency personnel during onsite inspections.