Wetlands and Habitats

Wetland Delineations

In compliance with the Clean Water Act, construction involving ground disturbance requires the evaluation of the site for wetlands and water bodies (streams, drainage swales, ponds, etc.).  NV5 can perform wetland and waterbody delineations in accordance with the appropriate state or federal agencies’ protocols.

Habitat Assessments

Habitat assessments may be required prior to construction of a project to determine the potential for impact to threatened or endangered species of plants or animals or their potential habitat.  NV5 can perform habitat assessments from simple walkover investigations to use of the Habitat Evaluation Procedure.

Species Surveys

When endangered, threatened, or rare species habitats are identified in a project area, the state or federal agency may request a field survey for the species of concern. NV5 can perform or manage these endangered species surveys for our clients.  NV5 has performed or managed surveys species including, but not limited to:

  • Indiana bat
  • Bog turtle
  • Wood turtle
  • Timber rattlesnake
  • Barred owl
  • Red shouldered hawk
  • Upland sandpiper
  • Freshwater mussels and fishes
  • Small whorled pogonia
  • Eggert’s sunflower
  • Kneickson’s beaked rush
  • Lady slipper species
  • Stiff cowbane