Forensic Engineering/Expert Witness

NV5, both as a firm and through our expert staff, has been providing forensic engineering and expert witness services to the design and construction industry for 20 years.  

Our services include forensic engineering for arbitration and mediation, or civil cases from research through deposition and trial testimony.  As appropriate our services include the use of a high density scanner (HDS) which provides a dimensionally accurate 3D mapping or model of any interior or exterior space, useful for presentation to anyone (including a jury) who has not seen the actual site.

Our services in the infrastructure realm include:

  • Floodplain
  • Storm drainage
  • Structures
  • Construction quality and scheduling
  • Waste water
  • Water wells
  • Infrastructure scheduling and costing
  • Land Development
  • General civil issues
  • HDS (high density laser scanning)
  • 3D modeling and 3D mapping


For information, contact William Ishmael