Technology plays an important role in how we do our work. Using the expertise of our Geographic Information System (GIS) professionals, essential information is readily available with a few simple clicks of the mouse. From producing detailed designs to planning and budgeting for infrastructure upgrades, GIS facilitates collaborative solutions by providing access to valuable information linked to a specific location. With GIS technology, data is captured and stored in layers, with each layer providing even more detail about a specific area. Knowledge, information, and experience can be immediately visualized, searched and analyzed. Why would you accept less?

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a software tool utilized at NV5 to provide services ranging from basic mapping to in-depth environmental analysis.  At a basic level, GIS software allows NV5 to provide visual representations of field data collected by NV5’s Cultural and Environmental groups.  Once the assorted field information is collected during the survey process, the GIS team can consolidate the data to create informative and easily understood maps for reports and agency consultation.  In addition, GIS software allows for easy dispersion of the collected data via a shapefile or kml.  This information is helpful when consulting with Federal, State, and local agencies and invaluable to make efficient decisions about project construction.

At an advanced level, NV5 has the ability to assist with facility siting by providing predictive modeling at the beginning of the site development or utility corridor routing process.  Clients can use this information to finalize site design or linear facility routes that have the least amount of impact to potentially sensitive environmental and cultural resources.  These tools allow for an efficient and time-saving process that removes some of the guesswork out of traditional facility siting processes.

Because the information has been complied into digital tables, it can be used during the permitting process to calculate impacts to environmental and cultural resources identified during field surveys for reporting purposes.  When utilized to its full potential, the GIS services at NV5 save Clients time and money on projects that typically are fast paced and time-sensitive.