Residential Development

The challenge of residential development is heightened by environmental regulations, infrastructure financing limitations, and public attitudes about growth. We have the diverse skills and experience to meet these challenges. Knowledge and experience are invaluable in developing workable solutions. Recognizing (at an early stage) what is likely to be approved, saves time and design costs on the projects. These projects demand expertise across many disciplines: planning, water, sewer, drainage, transportation engineering, and more. We have a broad base of technical talent to provide cost-effective solutions.

  • Development Entitlements
  • Land Planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Construction Plans and Specifications
  • Surveying, Mapping, GIS, and GPS
  • Construction and Program Management
  • Drainage Studies
  • Traffic Studies
  • Site Planning
  • Grading Design
  • Water System Planning
  • Subdivision Design
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Assessment Districts
  • Wetlands Mitigation and Management
  • Agency Processing and Permitting
  • Permitting and SWPPP Preparation