Sustainable Development

Sustainable development strives for a development and its population to be supported indefinitely by an ecosystem without destroying it. These practices focus on meeting the needs of current and future generations in three categories of needs: environmental, social, and economic. Our approach is to examine the systems required by a project and proactively apply sustainable design principles whenever possible. We are a member of the US Green Building Council and have engineers trained in and using the LEED approach (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

  • Strategy, Planning, and Analyses
  • Sustainable Development Training
  • Environmentally Sensitive Site Selection
  • Geomorphic Grading and Drainage
  • Planning and Orientation Assistance
  • Multi-Modal Transportation Opportunities
  • Optimization of Pervious Surfaces
  • Use of Recycled or Harvested Materials
  • Stormwater Quantity and Quality Control
  • Wastewater Reduction and Reuse
  • Water Conservation/Reuse Systems
  • Landscaping and Wildlife Enhancements
  • Erosion Control Using Natural Materials
  • Onsite Demolition/Construction Recycling
  • LEED Documentation for Certification
  • Ecological Restoration Civil Works