Community Master Planning

Community master plans and redevelopment plans involve planning for transportation, land use, energy and the environment. Critical elements include housing, utilities, circulation & parking, transit, government service buildings, commercial and retail development, civic centers, public schools, and parks and recreation. Each element must work on its own and blend with others for the community to succeed and thrive.

In 1968 RBA, now NV5, was founded to provide new town planning services for rapidly expanding suburban areas across the country. The town of Columbia, Maryland, one of the few completely planned communities in the US, was just one of our a signature projects.

Today, NV5 specializes in community master planning in the United States and overseas. Our local community planning and redevelopment efforts demonstrate an awareness of community context, as evidenced by planning projects in urban and suburban settings and successful integration of both programmatic and engineering-related elements. With a multi-disciplined staff of engineers, planners, landscape architects, environmental and communications specialists, we are skilled in developing plans that are unique, sustainable and embraced by the community. Our international planning experience has included the development of a model city and destination resort on Fuga Island, fifteen miles north of Luzon in the Philippines. Both nationally and abroad, we are dedicated to plans that connect people, places, history and culture.