Complete Streets

Complete Streets refers to a holistic approach to transportation solutions that takes into account the needs of all roadway users from the beginning.  Under the Complete Streets philosophy, pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users and motorists are fully and equally considered during the planning and design process, and prioritized according to the context.

In implementing Complete Streets, every road is evaluated by how well it serves the users who need or are likely to use it.  If a roadway is not reasonably meeting the needs of the types of users (bicyclists, pedestrians, transit users and motorists) who would logically benefit from traveling along this route, it is not a Complete Street.  Complete Streets policies and resolutions from the national, state and local governments and departments of transportation are demonstrating a fresh commitment to transform our communities into places where people can choose to walk, bike, or use public transit.  This change in focus and priority in creating truly complete transportation networks allows everyone to reap the benefits – an improved quality of life for all.

NV5 helps communities plan and implement Complete Streets. We have also facilitated the development of statewide Complete Street policies.