Safe Routes to School

Given the opportunity, children will walk, ride their bikes, or otherwise get around in ways that are adventurous, invigorating, and fun. For many children today, that opportunity is lacking in the first journey of the day – going to school is a dreary act of drudgery, spent in the back seat of a car or on a school bus. Getting school children out of motorized vehicles and onto their feet enriches the child’s social relationships with friends and neighbors, allows children to learn street safety lessons, makes the school trip one that is an adventure of learning, and helps to develop independent mobility, which improves a child’s confidence. Additionally, walking or biking to school will help to improve children’s physical health and mental well-being, and will be a positive step toward getting more motor vehicles off of city streets, as well as improving air quality and traffic safety.

NV5 recognizes the many benefits that accrue by promoting and facilitating walking and biking to school, and has experience with implementing projects that are part of the Federal Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program. NV5’s staff representatives are nationally certified as SRTS Trainers, and provide planning, design and engineering services for a variety of municipalities, counties and agencies throughout the Mid-Atlantic and northeast regions. Our specialized urban SRTS experience includes projects for a number of large cities, including our New York City School Safety Study which was conducted for over 1,400 schools citywide; Washington, DC citywide pilot project and the NJDOT SRTS Urban Demonstration Program in Camden, Newark and Trenton, NJ.