NV5 has been providing structural design services on diverse projects since the mid 50s’. Our structural teams’ credit includes major highway, roadway, railroad/transit, and bridge structures, as well as small stream and river crossings. We have designed hundreds of these structures, some as complex as drawbridges and freeway interchanges, others as simple as sound walls, retaining walls, and drainage culverts.

  • Structural Analyses and Design
  • Structural Inspections / Bridge Ratings
  • Preliminary and Advanced Planning Studies
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Conceptual Design and Cost Studies
  • Federal HBP Funding Applications
  • Bridge Type Selection
  • Construction Documents
  • Structural Evaluations and Repair
  • Earthquake Damage Assessments
  • Seismic Risk Analyses, Design and Retrofit
  • Seismic Risk Analyses
  • Regulatory Agency Permit Processing
  • Construction Management