Traffic Calming/Safety

At NV5, we have been helping communities integrate their transportation modes with the realities of modern living. Our experience positions us to recommend traffic calming solutions that are sensitive to the needs of the motorist and the community. Traffic calming entails the design of streets to discourage “thru-traffic” and to make these routes safer. The goal is to create roads that function as public space shared by pedestrians, cyclists, children, and motorists. Techniques to accomplish this goal are often inexpensive features that cause drivers to proceed more slowly or to other routes. Most designs involve alterations to a street’s geometry, and are often coupled with landscape improvements that enhance the street’s visual appearance.

As communities face increased traffic demand, NV5 works to provide solutions. We specialize in the design of roundabouts, which are much more effective than other methods of traffic calming because they offer higher vehicle capacity, constant flow of traffic, and better air quality. Better air quality is a very serious issue as many communities face increased vehicle pollution and its effect on individuals as well as our buildings. Increased air quality is achieved through a roundabout because cars are not idling creating additional exhaust fumes. NV5 views roundabouts as much more than a traffic calming technique but an enhancement to the context of the community they are designed for.

The key to our success is NV5’s diverse team of specialists that can collaborate on solutions to your issues. Our staff is highly skilled in site design, planning, stormwater and or drainage structures, roadway alignment, and permitting. We are also skilled at integrating complex local, state, and federal regulations and negotiating with downtown/neighborhood development agencies, planning boards, and government agencies. We work with our clients as a team and all of our efforts are targeted to get your project planned, permitted, designed, and constructed within budget and on-time.