Utility and Telecommunications

At NV5, we have dedicated a unit of our engineering staff to serve the utility and telecommunication industry. The need for services may arise out of expansion of your facilities or the constant need of relocation/protection as a result of highway construction or market demand. Whether you are a telephone, electric, gas, water, or cable purveyor, our commitment runs through every aspect of your relocation/expansion process from planning, negotiations, and permitting to final design and construction. We are particularly adept at facilitating communications between various transportation agencies and state/local regulatory bodies.

NV5 has applied our consulting/design expertise to serve a variety of engineering and permitting needs. We provide our clients with feasibility studies for alternative utility routes, coordination/design of utility bridge attachments and roadway crossings, and innovative design methodologies to protect existing utility facilities. In the area of permitting, our experience includes road opening and traffic control permits, licenses to cross, roadway and railroad occupancy permits and preparation of utility agreements. Permitting services associated with our environmental professionals include wetlands impact, stream encroachment, tideland conveyance and soil conservation.