Flood Control and Drainage

NV5’s water resources staff offers a wide range of experience and expertise in the design and analysis of complex drainage and stormwater management systems, flood abatement projects, culverts and bridges, wetlands hydrology, and wastewater treatment and conveyance facilities. The range of projects completed by NV5 include:

Stormwater collection and conveyance facilities for residential developments, commercial developments, local, county and state public roadways, and public recreation facilities; Stormwater control facilities including embankment, excavation, infiltration, detention, retention, and underground basins, as well as pumped systems; Detailed watercourse studies and interconnected pond routings to determine floodway and flood plain constraints; Scour and stability analyses for bridges and watercourses and the design of the associated countermeasures; Hydrologic and hydraulic analyses to support wetland mitigation design facilities Dam designs, including dam break analyses, Operation and Maintenance Manuals, Emergency Action Plans, and the preparation of construction and permit documents for dam structures; Stream and pond restoration plans, which have included pond dredging, control structure design, and permitting; Sanitary sewer facilities design, including gravity and pressure dosing septic systems, gravity and force main conveyance systems, and associated local and state permits.

By utilizing the most current modeling techniques and the most advanced software available, NV5 produces designs and performs analyses in an expeditious manner and at the highest level, in terms of quality and accuracy.

Flood control and drainage projects are among our toughest jobs. The challenge of producing a design that simultaneously assures public safety, avoids property damage, preserves the natural environment, and can be implemented economically requires a delicate balance. We are leaders in the design of environmentally sensitive flood control and drainage facilities. We consistently provide three things our clients find valuable: we save them time and money, we work and communicate closely to integrate processes, and we continuously find ways to work more efficiently with clients and contractors.

  • Flood Control/Drainage
  • Master Planning
  • Hydraulic and Hydrologic Analyses
  • Floodplain Management Planning
  • Storm Drain and Channel Design
  • Dam Break/Levee Breach Analyses
  • Stream Bed Stabilization Design
  • GIS Mapping
  • Bridge Scour Analyses
  • Stormwater Permitting (NPDES)