We are dedicated to providing quality projects for value engineering and constructability through our management services. Committed and qualified team members are selected based on each project’s specialized needs. Our team members are required to thoroughly review the related project documents, such as geotechnical surveys and hydrology studies, to ensure that project designs and documents are clear, concise and completed in accordance with City, State, and Federal laws and all applicable industry standards. Our project director remains involved at all project stages to confirm that team members comply with quality assurance practices.

Our services can include:

• Contract Administration
• Public Relations
• Construction Observation
• Change Order Requests
• Construction Scheduling
• Multiple Agency/Contractor Coordination
• Project Budget and Schedule Preparation
• Record Drawing Preparation
• Plan and Specification Preparation
• Shop Drawing Review

Our philosophy on providing successful management is to provide committed and qualified individuals based on each project’s specialized needs and to ensure clear communication and accurate documentation of project events. We can perform all building, structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, energy, and accessibility plan reviews of buildings and structures for conformance with the California Building, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, and Energy Codes and City Codes and ordinances.