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Delegate Chief Building Official Services

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The Delegate Chief Building Official (DCBO) Program was developed to support the California Energy Commission in regulating power generation facilities throughout the state. The program evolved into a service that NV5 can provide to any U.S. agency, project owner, or municipal government. NV5 not only verifies compliance for building codes, our team serves as the fire marshal and/or safety monitor for worker safety, and we verify the implementation of an OSHA compliant program. Conditions of Certification from the license is issued by the California Energy Commission or the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)’s decision. NV5’s goal as DCBO is to protect the health and life safety of citizens, workers, and occupants by verifying each project is designed, constructed, and operated in conformity with multiple regulations, including but not limited to those listed below.


  • State Specific Building Codes
  • International Building Code
  • National Fire Protection Association Standards
  • National Electrical Codes
  • Locally Adopted Building Codes & Ordinances
  • OSHA Regulations