We have extensive experience in the transportation and transit planning services of various projects. Our services include: evaluation and implementation of transportation demand management strategies, ridership assessments and estimating; park and ride demand assessments and site locating/planning; bus and shuttle service development; bike trail planning; transit systems planning; and transit oriented development traffic/land planning support. We can also prepare status reports to address fiscal performance, percentage of the work completed and schedule. We can review all available information and community demographic profiles using data sources such as the U.S. census data and the city’s GIS data. We can also gather the profile of the available transportation services such as type of services provided, service areas, and hours of operations and capital equipment.

We use methods like phone survey, rider surveys, non-rider surveys and more. We also conduct transit ridership studies to provide a high level assessment of the appropriateness of the possible candidate improvements and will incorporate the three major evaluation criteria that are traditionally used in transportation planning; effectiveness (or demand), economy (or cost), efficiency (or cost benefit).