Wastewater Engineering

Where creativity meets functionality.

Faced with ever-increasing populations and stringent environmental regulations, NV5 meets the challenge of wastewater conveyance and treatment with innovative and cost-effective designs and systems.

NV5’s wastewater treatment experts work with owners to evaluate capacity and operation of facilities, assist with permitting, conduct energy efficiency audits, and design of treatment process improvements utilizing the latest proven and appropriate technology.

NV5’s wastewater conveyance experience includes condition assessment of pipelines, design of rehabilitation of collection systems, gravity trunk sewers, pump stations, and transmission force mains for the conveyance of wastewater. We have extensive experience in the design of trenchless rehabilitation and replacement methods.

NV5 designs have received awards for their outstanding design and performance. Regardless of the stage the project – feasibility, planning, design, funding, permitting, construction, assessment, operation, repair, or retrofit – NV5 has the experience and expertise to ensure its success.


  • Trunk Sewer Design
  • Pump Station and Force Main Design
  • Pipeline and Manhole Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation
  • Trenchless Pipeline Design
  • Construction Management
  • Treatment Process Assessment and Improvements Design
  • Energy Efficiency Audits
  • System Operations Analyses