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International Podcast Day

In celebration of International Podcast Day, we’re sharing podcasts where NV5 Geospatial’s expertise shed light on various topics within the industry. From discussions like how lidar provides value to organizations, how the sensors now available are changing data collection, key trends in disaster response, and more. Check them out below!   Lidar Mapping with UAV’s … Continue reading International Podcast Day

UAV Podcast: Lidar Mapping with UAVs (Drones)

  Listen   The UAV Podcast discusses how drones and other autonomous vehicles are deployed with lidar sensors to create 3D mapping data and downstream analytics with NV5 Geospatial’s Lukas Fraser. From UAV Podcast: “Lukas Fraser is a lidar Specialist working in the Geospatial Group at NV5. He creates engineering-grade 3D mapping deliverables from UAV lidar … Continue reading UAV Podcast: Lidar Mapping with UAVs (Drones)

Accuracies Amaze the Experts

Lidar technology continues to advance, both in terms of sensor hardware and platform deployment. NV5 Geospatial and Oklahoma Department of Transportation performed a series of tests to determine accuracy outcomes from a variety of the leading sensors and platforms for use within a transportation industry context.  Mark Meade of NV5 Geospatial and Kyle King of Oklahoma Department … Continue reading Accuracies Amaze the Experts

Changing Responses to Changing Disasters

Zpryme On The Grid · Changing Responses to Changing Disasters w/ Ian Berdie   Zpryme’s Dylan Lockwood speaks with Ian Berdie, Vice President of Innovation and Development at NV5 Geospatial about disaster response. With climate change affecting the frequency, types, and severity of disasters, how are utilities and the analytics that power their operations adjusting … Continue reading Changing Responses to Changing Disasters