Construction Materials Testing And Special Inspection Services

Our construction materials testing and special inspection services are designed to verify that the materials delivered and installed at the construction site are in compliance with the project plans and specifications. These services often involve the following:

  • Soil compaction testing by drive ring, sand cone or nuclear density gauge methods
  • Shallow foundation subgrade soil examinations by Dynamic Cone Penetrometer
  • Timber, concrete, steel and auger cast pile deep foundation observations
  • Rammed aggregate and vibro-pier installation observations
  • Concrete quality control testing during placement such as temperature and slump measurements
  • Fabrication of compressive strength test cylinders of concrete, grout, and mortar
  • Grout and mortar quality control testing for load bearing masonry
  • Reinforcing steel installation for concrete and load-bearing masonry
  • Post-tensioned slab tendon installation, theoretical strain calculations, and field elongation measurements
  • Observations of welded and bolted connections of structural steel, piping and metal roof decking
  • Non-destructive testing of structural steel welds using magnetic particle, ultrasound and x-ray methods
  • Thickness estimates of metal piping using ultrasonic methods
  • Post-installation epoxied anchor tensile testing
  • Thickness, density, cohesion and adhesion of spray-applied fireproofing materials
  • Thickness testing of intumescent paint film thickness
  • Wood and cold-rolled metal framing observations
  • Sheathing thickness, grade, and attachment for wall shear diaphragms
  • Waterproofing and EIFS installation observations
  • Observations of roofing installation
  • Pavement testing and observations

Our field technicians include concrete technicians certified by the American Concrete Institute and pavement testing technicians certified by the NCDOT. Our Raleigh laboratory is certified by AASHTO for providing concrete testing services and certified by NCDOT for performing asphalt testing services.