Thomas O. Helms, P.E.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from N.C. State University in 1997.

Professional Experience: Thomas has over 20 years of combined engineering experience as a Field Representative and Project Engineer, consisting of structural steel design, construction materials testing, geotechnical engineering, and environmental consulting. He organizes and manages subsurface exploration programs for a variety of geotechnical engineering projects. He performs geotechnical engineering evaluations of shallow and deep foundations, including bearing capacity, settlement, and slope stability analysis. He performs and evaluates Phase I environmental site assessments and Phase II environmental testing programs. He performs materials engineering evaluations for various projects including asphalt and concrete mix designs and rigid and flexible pavement design.  Thomas also performs annual maintenance inspections for stormwater control measures and periodic stormwater inspections for NPDES job site compliance.

Hometown:  Charlotte, NC

Hobbies:  Fishing, Golf, Poker

Fun Fact:  For every human in the world, there are one million ants!

Quote:  “Excuses are tools of the incompetent, they build monuments to nowhere, those who specialize in their uses seldom amount to anything else.”