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Gaudet Associates, Inc. was founded in 1970 in Philadelphia, PA as a professional Owner’s Representative and Construction Management company. Since that time, Gaudet Associates, Inc. has expanded both geographically and in the scope of services offered. The constant evolution of the business and the industry in general has required Gaudet Associates, Inc. to stay ahead of the curve and strive to anticipate what today’s Client requires.

From our humble beginnings in a one room office on the 9th floor of an old Philadelphia office building that was staffed by a young, goal-oriented engineer, Gaudet Associates, Inc. has grown to a firm that has managed over $2 billion of design, construction and environmental projects. We thoroughly understand our Clients’ needs and today’s industry trends. With this knowledge and by maintaining close Client relationships we are able to provide the most comprehensive and reliable service for every project we are involved with.


  • Founded in 1971 and Incorporated in Florida 1985
  • Certified Small Business Enterprise
  • Professional Construction Project Management and Environmental Consulting
  • Managed over $2 billion in design, construction and environmental projects
  • Accredited Asbestos Training Provider (State of Florida)
  • 24/7 Staff on call for Emergency Response
  • Holder of multiple Municipality contracts to provide construction/environmental services
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment for environmental testing
  • Licensed General Contractor, Architect, LEED, Professional Engineers and Environmental Project Managers on staff

Improve Project Planning

Oversee challenges and keep your project running smoothly from beginning to end.

Reduce Liability

Stay protected through implementation of specific risk-reduction procedures.

Keep Accurate Records

Avoid construction disputes through complete and accurate record-keeping.

Stay On Budget

Save time and money with a proper budget plan for your next project.

Joseph E. Gaudet, P. E.President & Principal-in-Charge

Mr. Gaudet is a graduate of Drexel University and a licensed Professional Engineer and General Contractor with 35 years of construction experience. This experience includes numerous country clubs, biotech facilities, condominiums and multi-family development projects. Notably the $55 million Max Planck Research Institute in Jupiter, FL and the award winning Addison Reserve Country Club in Delray Beach, FL.

Jesse SukhuProject Manager

Mr. Sukhu is a Graduate Architect whose experience includes the Seminole Tribe of Florida where his responsibilities included development/management of tribal wide capital improvement projects which included fiscal year and five-year budget projects. He also has designed and managed residential and multi-use projects ranging from $600,000 to $25 million. Mr. Sukhu has just been appointed Associate Director of the AIA Palm Beach.

Mike McGovernProject Manager

Mr. McGovern brings two decades of experience with Gaudet Associates, Inc. He has been Owner’s Representative on Latitude on the River, The Polo Club of Boca Raton, and Mariner Sands Country Club. His environmental experience extends to thousands of Asbestos, Lead and Mold projects for public and private clients.

Robert GaudetProject Manager

Mr. Gaudet has provided Owner’s Representative services on Max Planck, Broward County School Board and numerous country club projects. He is cross-trained in environmental consulting and has managed development projects from inception through close-out.

Rodolfo Lewy, P.E.Regional Manager

Mr. Lewy’s experience with Gaudet Associates, Inc. Naples, FL 2015– Present Regional Manager of SW Florida performing Project Management and Owners Representative on Assisted Living Facilities, Clubhouse expansions/renovations and civil/site work.

  • Program Budget/Project Development/Value Engineering
  • Document Management
  • RFI; PCO; Pay Applications; Submittals
  • Project Construction Inspections

Joseph Gaudet, IVProject Manager

Mr. Gaudet has been in the construction industry for over 10 years. He has extensive background in every aspect of construction. He is a licensed General Contractor in the State of Florida. In Florida he has been specializing in Multimillion dollar Custom Estate Renovations, High End Private Country Club renovations and a new high end Golf Training Facility. His responsibilities include Owner’s Representation, budget analysis, pay application review, project reporting and job coordination.

Christina GaudetAccounting Manager

Ms. Gaudet is a graduate of Drexel University with a degree in Finance and Accounting. She is active in project budgeting, cost analysis, program reconciliation and accounting management. She also serves as Office Manager and IT specialist.

Judy BeaupreAdministrative Coordinator

Judy Beaupre is our Administrative Coordinator and Information Manager. In addition to managing the everyday operations of the office, her responsibilities include customer service, coordination and scheduling of Client meetings and conference calls; preparation of a variety of Client reports; as well as coordination, scheduling and follow-up of projects for our Environmental division. In addition, she is responsible for initiating and marketing new business prospects.

Construction Services

As the public and private sectors become increasingly more cost conscious, governmental and traditional agencies, which fund construction and environmental projects worth tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars, are taking new steps to assure tax payers/investors that heir money is being spent wisely. At Gaudet Associates, Inc. we have developed a project management program which embodies all the fundamentals for producing a successful project that is on time and within budget. Our services include:

The use of Professional Program Management in place of traditional construction practices coordinates the activities of all parties to function as a team rather than individuals or conflicting entities. This incorporates all available resources to plan, schedule, coordinate and expedite these activities as the Owner’s Representative.

Value engineering is the process by which we examine the design process to identify elements that could be made more cost effective without detriment to or degradation of the final delivered product. This process usually leads to cost savings but occasionally identifies weaknesses in the design that may only be remedied by application of additional capital. Either way, value engineering greatly enhances the design process, leading to greater integrity for the finished project. Value Engineering is best applied when incorporated into the earliest design phases of a project, before construction has even begun. However, we continue to hunt for cost savings and increased efficiencies throughout the construction project duration.

Construction accounting tells us where we are, how we got here and where we are going in a given project. It is part of the management function which measures, evaluates and allows for corrections in the original cost objective set by the project budget and estimates. The accounting data helps with contractor payment approval; maintaining current current comparisons of funds available, funds committed and funds required to complete the project; contract commitments; and related areas. The system will monitor the contractor’s earned value and the incurred cost of each project and compares these costs to the budget. Variances from the budget will be pinpointed and the system will provide trend reports to show potential over or under runs on each construction contract.

Even the most carefully and diligently planned projects are likely to need modification of some sort, somewhere along their time-line. Unforeseen circumstances can lead to “Change Orders” that require a contractor to perform work for an additional cost. Prior to construction, Gaudet Associates, Inc. will advise the Owner(s) on how best to include contingency line item in the budget to cover the most likely possibilities. Further, during the construction phase, we continuously monitor the project to avoid Change Orders where possible and analyze those that cannot be avoided to ensure their necessity and cost effectiveness.

Gaudet Associates, Inc. can provide construction administration or inspection services as the “Owner’s Representative”. This relationship avoids any conflict of interest between designers and contractors. We employ inspectors in all disciplines as well as a team of architects and professional engineers. Structural, general, building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and environmental inspectors are combined to provide a comprehensive variety of services through one firm.

It is essential to any construction project that all contractually involved parties are living up to their contractual obligations. We monitor these obligations across the complete timeline. of the project, identifying issues as and when, if not before, they occur. In this way we help ensure that the final value of the finished project is not less than that of the capital invested by the Owner(s) we represent.

Gaudet Associates, Inc. can provide a variety of estimating functions that would serve the client as a source of information on matters of construction costs. This enables the client to have the flexibility and convenience of estimating without the costs.

Gaudet Associates, Inc. offer a range of Environmental Consulting and Testing services related to asbestos, lead-based paint, indoor air quality and more.

Benefits of Working With Us

  • Avoids costly individual conflicting entities
  • Expedites design and construction activities
  • Project completion on time, within budget with high quality
  • Reduces risks to owners, developers and contractors
  • Provides objective, accurate information
  • Saves time in design and construction
  • Reduces construction cost
  • Increases flexibility
  • Offers a broader spectrum of expertise without additional staff
  • Provides full accountability

Environmental Services

Gaudet Associates, Inc. offer a range of Environmental Consulting and Testing services related to:


Lead-Based Paint
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)/Mold and Mildew
Building Surveys
Damage Assessment
Surface Sampling – Bulk
Recommended Responses
Project Design
Water Sampling
HVAC Analysis
Long Term Monitoring
Particulate Monitoring
Humidity Control
Mitigation Design
Project Management
Training Programs


Gaudet Associates, Inc. offers comprehensive asbestos consulting services. Since the original alert by Regulators, Gaudet Associates, Inc. has been in the forefront of Asbestos Consulting. Our scope of work includes:

  • Asbestos surveys and assessments of all existing materials and conditions to identify the nature and extent of asbestos containing materials
  • Assessment reports including recommendations for abatement, scheduling and related cost estimates
  • Engineering plans and specifications for removal, encapsulation/enclosure and safety
  • Administrative assistance during project bidding and award sequence including contractor solicitation, bid evaluation and selection recommendation
  • Oversight activity monitoring and inspection including air monitoring work for regulatory and safety compliance by contractors
  • Coordination between contracting agencies, Federal, State and local regulatory agencies; certified testing laboratories and qualified contractors
  • Asbestos awareness training and public information programs

Gaudet Associates, Inc. offers LBP Surveys, Inspections, Risk Assessment and project monitoring in compliance with state and federal guidelines. Surveys will be conducted by a Certified Risk Assessor and a licensed professional engineer. When lead is identified, the report will include a conditional assessment of the lead containing materials and determination of the level of hazard the materials present. Recommendations will be provided addressing whether the materials can be safely managed in-place or whether removal is required.


Facilities are inspected for the presence of mold and potential moisture entry points. Infrared thermography will be used to inspect interior surfaces for evidence of ongoing water/moisture entry. Moisture meters will be used to determine material moisture levels, deficiencies noted and recommendations provided as needed.

Indoor temperatures and relative humidity levels will be monitored to evaluate levels and the effectiveness of HVAC installations. Carbon Dioxide levels may be measured to evaluate indoor ventilation rates in various rooms in the building.

Ambient air testing will be performed using the spore trap method to evaluate the presence of airborne contaminates, Laboratory analysis will be performed to determine the types and concentrations of molds present. Surface testing including swab and and bulk samples may be performed. Particulate Monitoring levels will be compared to industry standards and guidelines.

3021 Jupiter Park Circle,
Suite 101,
Jupiter, Florida 33458
Phone: (561) 748-3040
Fax: (561) 748-6085


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