Ian Berdie, Vice President of Innovation and Development discusses disaster response. With climate change affecting the frequency, types, and severity of disasters, how are utilities and the analytics that power their operations adjusting their responses to keep outages and outage times to a minimum? Listen and find out!

Changing Responses to Changing Disasters

Combining lidar with hyperspectral analysis is combating the effects of the emerald ash borer, which is attacking large quantities of ash trees. In the presence of electric utility lines, compromised ash trees are a greater risk to the integrity of utility system.

Fusing Data on Doomed Ash Trees

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For utilities struggling with the challenge to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage and collaborate their data.

INSITE is a scalable agnostic platform designed to provide a single source of truth for your entire organization.

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NV5 Geospatial is at the forefront of using geospatial analytics to help utilities deliver safe and reliable electric service. We have more than two decades of experience providing industry-leading geospatial services to dozens of utilities across North America.

Vegetation Management

Save time and money by identifying clearance hazards without a site visit and make more informed decisions about when and where to deploy clearing crews. Our best in class utility vegetation management solutions include clearance detection analytics, minimum ground to conductor clearances, hazard tree detection, ROW tree inventory, change detection, and our INSITE web platform.

Substation Mapping

3D modeling provides substation engineers with high accuracy as-builts to support substation expansions, security planning and connectivity to renewable energy and electric transmission infrastructure.

Transmission Line Modeling

Better manage operations and quickly respond to reliability issues with an accurate, multi-dimensional view of all utility assets, roads, buildings, and vegetation in transmission corridors. Our solutions include engineering-grade as-builts, automated access road delineation and inventories, and ROW encroachment analysis.

Transmission Line Siting

Plan for growth by identifying suitable routes for new transmission lines. Our experts work with transmission developers and consultants to help implement the widely used EPRI Siting Methodology, which Quantum Spatial co-developed. Our siting experience includes hundreds of projects in 8 states and 3 countries as our team developed Corridor Analyst Software and sold to Trimble who distributes worldwide.


As a company you invest great amounts of ttime, money, and energy into maintaining the health and safety of your assets. NV5 Geospatial recognizes the need to extend that same diligence to managing the safety, health, and wellbeing of your most precious asset, your people. NV5 Geospatial’s LANDMIND ensures your field crews have the best geohazard & vehicle obstruction intelligence available to keep them and your assets safe.

Geologic Hazard Mapping

Identify and mitigate potential geologic hazard threats to electric utility infrastructure utilizing our proprietary terrain failure and fault detection and proximity analysis solutions. Utilizing an automated approach, NV5 Geospatial’s methodology offers an accurate and efficient way to detect areas of failed terrain using high-resolution lidar.

Hydroelectric Dams

Use engineering-grade 3D models to view as-built conditions, comply with FERC requirements, and help ensure the safe operation of hydroelectric dams. Our unique solutions for hydroelectric facilities include hydrologic modeling, dam subsidence monitoring and dam inundation simulation.

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