2016 ALTA Survey Standards: Reporting and Noting Easements

With the adoption of the 2016 Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for ALTA/NSPS Surveys in late February, professional land surveyors have been given some added responsibilities in regards to reporting and noting easements. A notation within Section 6.C.ii of the standards states that all surveys must now reflect a summary of all rights-of-way, easements and servitudes burdening the property and identified in the title evidence provided. Section 6.C.i remains consistent with the 2011 requirement that states that surveyors must show on the drawing the location, width and recording information for the items that are plottable.

The 2016 standards add that a notation section must be provided addressing all easements. Those familiar with the Bock & Clark standardized survey product will recognize that our surveys have always included this requirement under our notation heading “Notes Corresponding to Schedule B-II Items.” According to the new standards, all surveyors must now provide something similar. In addition, within the notations for any item that is not plottable or shown on the survey, surveyors are given specific statements [Section 6.C.ii (a through g)] to be used in describing the reasoning as to why the item isn’t shown on the map or plat. Based upon these reported findings and notations, the title company will determine whether an item affects or does not affect the property.

2016 ALTA Survey Revisions Provide Clearer Instructions to Land Surveyors

None of the suggested explanations call for the surveyor to determine an item’s affect on the property. This was noted in Bock & Clark’s attendance at seminars regarding these revisions and through our own thorough review of the new section. The new standards clearly state that the surveyor’s responsibility is only to determine an item’s location, whether an item is located on the property or not, and if not plottable, explain why. Now that all surveyors have consistent instruction in reporting and noting these items, survey review for these issues should be an easier task.

Bock & Clark’s Standardized Survey Product

ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys are a complex survey product and should only be completed by experienced land surveyors. With over 40 years of experience, Bock & Clark is the pioneer of the Standardized ALTA Survey Format, and coordinates ALTA surveys for all 50 states and Canada. We take pride in producing a high quality, comprehensive survey while also committing to exemplary customer service.

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