Announcing: NV5/Bock & Clark Becoming NV5 Real Estate Transaction Services

As we continue to integrate into the NV5 family of companies, we are pleased to announce the coming launch of our new service line name, NV5 Real Estate Transaction Services.  The commitment to quality products and customer service will remain unchanged, but the new name will assist us in moving our brand into the future as an integral part of NV5.

All contacts here at NV5/Bock & Clark will stay the same as we provide the commercial real estate industry with ALTA SurveysZoning Reports and Environmental and Assessment Services, nationwide.  However, over the course of the next several months we will be working to transition our website and other materials to reflect the new name.  We are targeting October 1st as the full implementation date of the new name which will include a new web address (more details to follow).

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your NV5/Bock & Clark contact.  Thank you for supporting us as we move on to our next chapter. We look forward to providing you with national commercial real estate due diligence services long into the future.