Cheryl Antonio Appointed to DOELAP Radiobioassay Oversight Board

August 19, 2015

NV5/Dade Moeller* Certified Health Physicist Cheryl Antonio has been appointed to the U.S. Department of Energy Laboratory Accreditation Program (DOELAP) Radiobioassay Oversight Board. She was appointed to the position by DOELAP Administrator Steve Zobel and will serve a 5-year renewable term. Radiobioassay is the measurement of radioactivity in the human body.

DOELAP administers accreditation of DOE sites for direct radiobioassay measurements, such as whole body counts and lung counts, and indirect measurements, such as radiochemical analysis of urine and fecal samples. DOELAP accreditation is federally required for sites that routinely monitor workers for intakes of radioactivity.

The Radiobioassay Oversight Board consists of five members from the DOE complex who review the accreditation packages and supporting data demonstrating technical capability and implementation quality, then provide recommendations to the DOELAP administrator regarding granting of accreditation to site programs.

Certified by the American Board of Health Physics, Antonio has 20 years of experience with internal dosimetry and direct and indirect radiobiossay programs and has served as a DOELAP assessor. Currently, she is under full-time subcontract to Mission Support Alliance, Radiological Site Services, where she is the technical lead for the Hanford Site indirect (in vitro) bioassay program. The program provides monitoring for more than 4,000 Hanford Site workers.

*Dade Moeller joined NV5 in May 2016.