Commercial Zoning Reports & Their Alternatives: ZIP & ESL Reports

How Long Should a Zoning Report Take to Prepare? – Tips for Quick Reports

During most commercial real estate transactions, it is likely that the surveyor, lender or title company will require some type of zoning report. In this post, we will offer insight into how long it takes to prepare a zoning report based on your specific needs, as well as options for reports with quicker turnaround times.

Why Does Zoning Take So Long?

There are many steps involved in preparation of a zoning report. If you want to avoid delays in the selling process, it is best to allow two or three weeks within your due diligence time frame for the standard zoning report to be completed. On average, it takes about 10-15 business days to finalize the report. For more information on our Standard Zoning Reports, download our example PDF. The zoning process includes:

  • The project setup
  • Property Research
  • Document retrieval
  • Municipality question respond and follow-up
  • Survey comparison
  • Site analysis
  • Report writing and review

As you can see, the planning and zoning process is very involved and takes time to complete. But what if you don’t have enough time for a complete report?

In Need of a Zoning Report Quick?

If you only need basic zone and district requirements from the surveyor and your time does not permit the standard turnaround time for a full report, Bock & Clark has you covered. Request a Bock & Clark ZIP report to receive a completed report within five business days or less. Components of the ZIP Report include:

  • Setbacks
  • Building height
  • Lot size
  • Coverage
  • Floor area ratio
  • Parking

What’s Included in an Executive Summary?

If you are looking to receive a better snapshot of your property but don’t need municipality documents or in-depth research, a Bock & Clark Executive Summary (ESL) usually takes about a week to complete. In addition to the information included in the ZIP Report, the ESL also includes the comparison of the existing conditions to the current zoning district requirements, as noted on the most recent ALTA survey. The Executive Summary format includes:

  • Current zoning
  • Use permission
  • Table of applicable zoning district code requirements
  • Comparison of current requirements to survey conditions
  • Notice of nonconforming characteristics observed from comparison
  • Optimal code violations report
  • Optimal applicable zoning code excerpts

At Bock & Clark, we are dedicated to preparing standard zoning reports and custom reports for single-site and multi-site projects nationwide. For more information on how we can assist you with all your zoning due diligence needs, request a quote today or contact us.