NV5 Geospatial Selected for Technology Merit Award for Remote Sensing by Environmental Business Journal

NV5 has been selected NV5 as a recipient of the Technology Merit Award for Remote Sensing by the 2020 EBJ Business Achievement Awards. The EBJ Business Achievement Awards are an annual recognition of business excellence in the environmental field presented by the Environmental Business Journal.

NV5 was selected for an innovative project that included the capture of high-resolution unmanned aerial lidar and color imagery over a 155-acre technology campus in the northwest. Additionally, the aerial acquisition team completed 360-degree oblique imagery for ten locations, as well as thermal imagery of numerous rooftops that would be used for inspection and analysis. The Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) provided a flexible and nimble platform for this data collection.

Mike Stys, Vice-President of Geospatial in the San Diego office, attributes the team’s success to strategic collaboration and teamwork. “NV5’s technical expertise and state of the art equipment allowed us to combine UAV’s, LiDAR sensors, High Definition cameras, Ortho Photography and Thermal sensors to capture a robust dataset,” said Stys. “This dataset was combined to build a comprehensive model as a single source of related and geospatially correct data.  Our cloud-based GeoPortal was also used to provide access for all stakeholders and contractors at any time, from any computer.”

Oblique imagery provides significant added benefits as it allows NV5 to see texture and spectral data on vertical surfaces that aren’t available from more traditional “top down” imagery. Data captured in the thermal infrared spectrum hold the keys to many advanced analytics allowing NV5 to see well beyond the visible spectrum and find otherwise undetectable inefficiencies.

The NV5 Geospatial mapping team completed 2D and 3D topographic mapping of the campus. After data were post-processed, a custom online web portal was created for the client that included an accessible user interface for all stakeholders to interact and manipulate the data.

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