NV5’s Brett Rosenburg featured in Occupational Health and Safety online

Five Things to Know about Hazards of Radioactivity

There are many factors to consider when saying “radioactivity is hazardous.” Here is an attempt to summarize them in five points.

By Brett Rosenberg | May 28, 2020

Click here to read his article in Occupational Health and Safety online.

About Brett

Brett Rosenberg of NV5 has a MS in toxicology and a PhD in radiological health sciences from Colorado State University. He taught in the public schools in Colorado for two years before coming to Hanford to support the cleanup project in Washington State in 2015. He has characterized waste using gamma spectroscopy and is currently the technical lead of the DOELAP-accredited in vivo monitoring program, where he uses gamma spectroscopy to monitor radiological workers for occupational exposures to radioactive material.

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