NV5’s Lisa Kay Appointed to Environmental Finance Advisory Board

NV5’s Lisa Kay was recently appointed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator to serve as one of a handful of experts to the Environmental Finance Advisory Board (EFAB) of the Water Infrastructure and Resiliency Finance Center. Lisa is President of Alta Environmental, an NV5 company, and will serve on the EFAB Stormwater Finance Workgroup. The Board provides ideas and advice to the EPA Administrator and program offices on ways to lower the costs and increase investments in environmental and public health protection, including removing financial and programmatic barriers that raise costs, increasing public and private contribution in environmental facilities and services, and building state and local financial ability to meet environmental laws.

Lisa will be working with the current administration to lend her expertise and provide recommendations related to the America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2017, Section 4101. She was selected for this one-year appointment based on her 35 years of expertise in water quality issues, as well as stormwater financing and funding. Congratulations to Lisa on her appointment!