Our Latest Video Features More than Just Beauty Shots…

Images from drones, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are more than just beauty shots. Take a look at our new NV5 UAV one minute video.

Each UAV scan delivers the most accurate, multifaceted data for management success; from concept to construction. LiDAR point clouds map detailed landscaping, structures and power lines. Orthophoto Imagery base maps guide inspections and support construction with 3D Models that are indispensable. Thermal Imagery senses hotspots from water intrusion or overheating equipment in buildings. Topography images calculate volume in mines, lead environmental analysis and survey complex natural disasters. How else can you get this level of GPS-based detail? Good data drives good decisions, and our in-house fleet of UAVs and licensed NV5 pilots will gather YOUR data safer, faster and with the highest level of accuracy. We can deploy in just days to match the speed with which risk assessments and decisions are made, bringing you a multi-layered view of any surface to take your confidence and decision-making to greater heights!

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