Why Hire an Energy Consultant?

There is a growing interest in pursuing sustainable energy projects. If you have questions about an existing or new energy project, you’re not alone. Here are some common questions:

  • We’re still at step one. We want to save on energy and lower our carbon footprint. Where do we begin?

  • Vendors sent us proposals that sound good—how do we compare them? Are the numbers real, and do they meet our goals?

  • How do we make sure our contracts with the vendor cover the risks and hold the contractors accountable?

  • Construction is underway—why do snags, problems and delays just keep cropping up?

  • The systems are running, but are they working the way they’re supposed to? 

These are questions an energy consultant like Sage can help you answer, with expertise for every phase of an energy project. Sage provides independent planning and oversight to help your company or organization:

Sage Design and Construction Project Manager Scott Moore on a site visit during construction of solar PV canopies at Kern High School District, 2016.
  • set goals and define parameters for project success

  • receive proposals that are competitive and easy to compare

  • communicate with stakeholders

  • manage construction 

  • verify the results and keep systems running 

  • efficiently and successfully develop your clean energy projects 

A dollar spent on proper planning and oversight is a dollar or more saved on suboptimal projects and unforeseen issues. Here’s what expertise like Sage brings to the table:

  • Numbers you can trust. When it comes to predicting the future, assumptions matter. Sage’s industry-leading financial analysis considers all available financing and siting scenarios, then offers a range of probable outcomes to help your team make the right choice.

  • Avoid costly delays. Whether it’s moving ahead with utility interconnect applications and local permitting, getting in line early for incentives, or coordinating construction schedules, Sage keeps your project moving.

  • Leading industry knowledge. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, or in this case, the turbine. Your organization can draw on Sage’s depth of energy expertise, built over hundreds of successful projects since 2009. That includes a deep familiarity with the energy industry and most major contractors, plus design specifications that ensure your project meets today’s highest standards.

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