Zoning During a Pandemic

As we conduct business through the time of COVID-19, a frequently asked question is, “Will I be able to get a zoning report right now?” The answer is YES! Although a small number of municipalities are closed, most planning and development departments across the country are still doing business with many working behind closed doors and/or remotely. This includes both smaller municipalities as well as larger cities such as Los Angeles, New York City, Atlanta, Dallas, Milwaukee, Portland, Kansas City, Miami, Chicago, and Denver.

Still Obtaining Documents and Information

While processing can sometimes be delayed due to city or county backlog or request prioritization, we are still obtaining documents and information from most areas. Within a few weeks of project engagement, NV5 Zoning is providing draft reports containing all information available, with finalized reports submitted upon receipt of any pending documents or information.

Types of Zoning Reports Available

Our report options include ZIP Reports used for surveys, Standard Comparison Zoning Reports for lender comfort and zoning endorsements, a short-form Executive Summary containing all information available without hard copy documents plus a comparison of requirements to survey conditions, and custom reports designed to meet a specific client or project needs.

Rest assured that our staff is fully functional, keeping regular business hours and routinely notifying our clients of both project status and municipal delays, if applicable.

We are committed to providing a high-quality product because we:

  • Research, prepare and review full zoning reports or any component therein
  • Interpret analytic wording found in city and/or county zoning code requirements
  • State conformance as provided by municipality and/or note nonconforming issues disclosed through survey review/comparison.

Reasonable Quotes, Reasonable Timeframes

Don’t delay. Despite complications in the world during the COVID-19 pandemic or other unforeseeable situations, we can provide the property zoning report needed for your transaction at a reasonable price within the quickest possible timeframe.