10 CFR 835 Assessments

NV5 health physicists support U.S. Department of Energy prime contractors and the National Laboratories in ensuring radiation worker safety. Specifically, we conduct triennial assessments in compliance with the requirements of 10 CFR 835, “Occupational Radiation Protection Program.” We also perform independent assessments (also called “management assessments”) to help Radiological Control Program owners evaluate specific program areas as part of a broader self-assessment.

We have performed radiological control program assessments for PNNL for more than 14 years.

One such client is the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. We have conducted triennial assessments and management assessments of the PNNL radiological control program, to include the functional areas of management and organization; contamination control; radiological training; and external dosimetry. We also have performed effectiveness reviews of PNNL’s actions taken to enhance the program.

Our assessments involve approximately 60-80 hours of in-field assessment, including observing radiological work activities, interviewing workers, and inspecting radiological areas for compliance.


Richland, WA


Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)


Radiation Safety