NV5 - Air National Guard

Air National Guard Retro-Commissioning

NV5 has provided retro-commissioning services to 18 Air National Guard bases around the country. Retro-commissioning analyses were completed to provide a focused engineering review and field testing and analysis of operating air base facilities. The goal was to identify both deferred maintenance and energy conservation tasks that improve the energy efficiency and operational effectiveness of these buildings. Through reviewing engineering drawings and documents, interviewing operations and maintenance staff, and on-site testing and technical analysis, NV5 provided recommendations to configure equipment and systems to satisfy the revised design intent; reduce energy and demand costs; and increase tenant satisfaction and comfort while maintaining or improving air quality.

Over the course of retro-commissioning nearly 200 buildings, NV5 and the Air National Guard team identified nearly 9% energy savings in an environment where buildings are operated at full load typically only 3 days per month.

The Air National Guard also engaged NV5 to manage the implementation of certain no-cost and low-cost recommendations on a turnkey basis. Over the course of these projects, NV5 has recommended, implemented, and commissioned over $4,000,000 of service and repair work that ranged from control system reprogramming to $500,000 of envelope repair at different bases

Services have included in-field assessments, retro-commissioning, systems troubleshooting, building assessment and recommissioning, benchmark energy usage, definition and quantification of potential energy savings opportunities, implementation of recommended repairs and upgrades, commissioning of complete repairs, and staff training.


Alaska, Arkansas, California, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, & Wisconsin


Department of the Air National Guard


Key Facts

Value of Consultant Services: $2.5M+