Alta Blu Apartments

Alta Blue Apartments

NV5’s work on this 5-building apartment complex began in 2014 with the performance of a geotechnical investigation and a Phase I environmental site assessment.  Our soil borings revealed the presence of shallow rock, as well as expansive clay soils near the ground surface.  Due to concerns with the anticipated construction costs, an additional subsurface investigation was performed to further delineate the depth to rock, and to quantify the expansive soils that would need to be managed to prevent the shrink/swell characteristics of the clays from affecting construction.  Additional borings were also performed to determine conditions in existing roadways that would need to be upgraded and in the widening of an NCDOT maintained the secondary road.  Construction began in the summer of 2017, and NV5 provided full-time testing and inspection services associated with site development, retaining wall construction, foundation construction, and pavement construction.  Extensive Special Inspections were required, including wood framing construction inspections.  Our pavement testing on the off-site roadways and the NCDOT road widening was performed by our NCDOT certified QMS technicians.


North Carolina


  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Testing Services