NV5 - Brody Building Data Center

Brody Building Data Center

NV5 provided prime engineering design services for the Brody Room GE 99 data center project that involved expansion into the adjacent room.

Specifically, our work included increasing the emergency power distribution capability from the generator plant; adding new computer room air conditioning units for 24/7 room cooling; providing an in-row cooling solution to support build-out; creating the power infrastructure to support additional data center peaks; upgrading the HVAC system to support the increased load; and increasing electrical distribution to support additional server and storage expansion.

This effort effectively doubled the size of the existing data center.

NV5 also provided electrical engineering design services for expanding the standby power and life safety power branch capacity to the Brody Building. We managed the services of an architect and structural engineers on this project.


Greenville, NC


East Carolina University


Electrical Engineering

Key Facts

  • 5,000 SF
  • Construction Cost $979,000