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California High Speed Rail, CP4

In 1996, the California High Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) was established to begin formal planning for an anticipated ballot measure to approve the construction of a high speed rail project. In 2008, the measure was approved by California voters.

The intent of the project is to connect the mega regions of the state, from Los Angeles to San Francisco via the Central Valley with speeds up to 220 MPH, and a one-way trip in 2 hours and 40 minutes. It eventually will include Sacramento and San Diego areas, too.

NV5 teamed with HNTB for Construction Package 4 (CP4) of the California High Speed Rail Project. CP4 is the third significant construction contract executed on the Initial Operating Section of the high-speed rail program. The CP4 construction area is a 22-mile stretch bounded by a point approximately one mile north of the Tulare/Kern County Line at the terminus of Construction Package 2-3 and Poplar Avenue to the south. CP4 will include construction of at-grade, retained fill and aerial sections of the high-speed rail alignment and the relocation of four miles of existing Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) tracks.



Central Valley, CA


California High Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA)


Key Facts

Phase Project Value $28M – $33M (est.)