Capitol Oaks Retirement Resort

The Capital Oaks Retirement Resort is an all-inclusive 55-and-over senior community living facility located in northwest Raleigh. NV5 began working on this project in 2012 by providing a geotechnical evaluation of this challenging site. The property had significant relief, and the nature of the facility dictated a level building pad to prevent the senior community from having to navigate grade changes in the building. This resulted in a need for significant retaining wall structures on the fill side of the site and on the cut side of the site. The presence of weathered rock and rock within the expected excavation depths complicated the project even further. After the developer determined that the project was viable, NV5 provided retaining wall design services for an extensive system of segmental block retaining walls. The upper wall in the cut section of the site required some innovative design to achieve the necessary grade change while maintaining the proximity of the wall to the property line to maximize usable space on the site. Our testing and special inspection services included soils testing during mass grading work, verification of foundation subgrades and reinforcement, concrete quality control testing services, and wood framing observations and inspections. We also provided testing services associated with the widening of Ray Road, a state-maintained roadway at the property entrance, to verify compliance with the requirements of the NCDOT encroachment agreement. This successful project is another example of how NV5 uses our qualified and certified staff, as well as our excellent reputation within the regulatory community, to help our clients create the facilities they need to serve our community.


Raleigh, NC