Chestnut Ridge Storage: Junction Storage Project - NV5

Chestnut Ridge Storage: Junction Storage Project

This project consists of approximately 30 miles of pipeline, up to 25 storage wells, and a new compressor station. NV5 performed wetland delineations, habitat assessments, agency consultation, permit application preparation, FERC environmental resource reports, and cultural resource surveys for this natural gas storage project.

We coordinated public and agency meetings as well as surveys for the Pennsylvania threatened Allegheny wood rat, the Pennsylvania threatened green salamander, the Pennsylvania threatened timber rattlesnake, and the federally endangered Indiana bat. We performed surveys for 12 state rare plants, including the mountain bellwort.

NV5 also prepared all environmental avoidance and mitigation plans required by the state agencies. We provided environmental inspection and support for all agency coordination and permit issues.


Pennsylvania & West Virginia


Chestnut Ridge Storage, LLC


Key Facts

  • 30 Miles
  • 25 Wells
  • FERC