City of Beaverton Public Safety Center

For the new Public Safety Building in downtown Beaverton (outside of Portland), the City retained NV5 to assist with addressing environmental issues. Soil, soil gas and groundwater have been impacted by a gasoline release migrating onto the site from an adjacent fueling station, creating an unacceptable indoor air health risk to future occupants of the building.

Initially, NV5 did an extensive review of the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) file to gain an understanding of the environmental issues, as well as to develop a detailed cost estimate for potential development and remediation costs due to soil and groundwater contamination for the multiple development scenarios. NV5 performed a Phase II environmental site assessment (ESA) to further evaluate the extent of impacted media, as well as a Phase I ESA of two parcels being purchased by the City as part of the project and a Hazardous Building Materials Survey of the existing buildings prior to demolition.

NV5 prepared a Contaminated Media Management Plan to help guide the management of impacted soil and groundwater during construction and assisted the City in obtaining a Prospective Purchaser Agreement (PPA) to manage the City’s liability after purchasing the fueling station where the gasoline release originated from. Construction was completed in 2020.


Beaverton, Oregon


City of Beaverton


  • Phase I & II ESAs
  • Hazardous Building Materials Survey
  • Contaminant Media Management Plan
  • Prospective Purchaser Agreement Support
  • Construction Support

Key Facts

  • Houses City’s Emergency Management and Police Departments
  • 72,000-SF building
  • Designed to meet earthquake efficiency standards
  • Robust back-up power system includes generator, solar energy, and battery energy storage system