NV5 - UMD Edward St. Johns Teaching and Learning Center

University of Maryland Edward St. John Learning & Teaching Center

The University of Maryland’s Edward St. John Learning and Teaching Center is the first new academic building on the UMD campus in 50 years dedicated solely to classroom space.

NV5 oversaw audiovisual, acoustics, and learning space consulting for the $120M, 63,400 SF new development and 27,400 SF renovation project. Catering to nearly 12,000 students daily, the facility features floor-to-ceiling windows in most classrooms and hallways, 12 classrooms, 9 general chemistry teaching labs, 5 breakout rooms, 5 seminar rooms, 4 cafes, 2 green roofs (one for use by students for study), 2 study rooms, 2 tutorial rooms, a 132-seat flexible multipurpose classroom, student lounge areas, and 7 huddle rooms for small conferences that appear as glass blocks in hallway space.

TERP Classrooms (“Teach, Engage, Respond, and Participate”) promote team-based and collaborative pedagogies. They provide a technology-enhanced environment for students and more interaction between students and faculty. The rooms, now totaling 20+ campus wide, feature small group clusters or a tiered structure. Larger tiered classrooms, from 150-328 seats, offer space for traditional, lecture-based classes. Features include multiple screens and projectors, supplemental wall-mount flat panel displays, confidence monitors, and cameras that use rich media capture and recording. Technological benefits include web streaming, distance learning, and audio/video recording. Multi-purpose classrooms, seminar rooms, and open huddle spaces highlight technology-enhanced, small-group collaborative learning. Audio/video recording and lecture capture support distance learning. All spaces are collaborative, including labs.

The Edward St. John Teaching and Learning Center, providing space for lecture-style courses, small-group collaborative learning, and personal and professional development, redefines the university’s standard of education and sets the standard for audiovisual design for future campus buildings.


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