NV5 - Mixed-Use Development Environmental Support

Environmental Investigation at Mixed-Use Development

NV5 was contracted by a national developer to conduct environmental investigations and remediation measures at a large-scale property located adjacent to Historic Route 66 in Northern Arizona. The project was located in a mixed-use zone and included multiple businesses, including active and/or historic gasoline stations, dry cleaners, industrial properties, and historic residential properties.

During the initial phases of the project, NV5 completed extensive regulatory research and technical reviews of previously prepared environmental reports, including Phase I ESAs, and other environmental documents. During the Phase II investigations, NV5 advanced more than 40 borings in the project area and collected numerous soil, soil vapor, and groundwater samples to address the horizontal and/or vertical extent of contamination. Findings were presented in technical reports to the client along with recommendations for redevelopment of the properties and potential options for remediation activities through installation of engineering controls. NV5 also provided industrial hygiene services and air quality monitoring.

Following the investigation stage, NV5 designed and oversaw the installation of a soil vapor barrier at a facility to mitigate potential vapor intrusion. Throughout the project, NV5 initiated and maintained contact with the client and multiple tenants to ensure that the project objectives where met within the assigned budget and timeline.