FBI Academy Dormitory Renovation Energy Consulting

NV5 performed a campus-wide energy audit and identified energy upgrades for renovations at three of the main dormitories at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Our work included design review and savings calculations for two identical dormitories built in the early 1970s, and a larger dormitory built in the 1980s, to improve their energy efficiency and sustainability in accordance with FBI’s and the Federal Government’s requirements.

Because building had already started on the first dorm, we conducted a forensic analysis and were able to identify a great impact on the operating costs of the “sister” building which was to be renovated the following year. We recommended several energy saving strategies that showed a 20% savings in annual costs, for little or no extra costs, totaling over $2.4 million for the 40 year life of the building.

Recommended energy conservation measures included all LED interior and exterior lighting, improved HVAC and lighting controls, improved use of the centrally supplied hot water and chilled water, and building envelope improvements.


Quantico, VA




Energy Optimization

Key Facts

  • 20% Annual Utility Savings
  • $2.4M Lifetime Utility Savings