Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital

NV5 performed a Site Investigation/Remedial Investigation (SI/RI) of over 300 Areas of Concern (AOCs). Soil, sediment, concrete, surface water and groundwater were investigated through the collection of approximately 3,000 samples. Thirty monitoring wells were installed and sampled to assess groundwater conditions. Groundwater plume assessment, contaminant fate and transport, and development of In-Situ Chemical Oxidation treatment were performed for groundwater. Landfill closure permits, assessments, remediation, excavation, and capping were completed for two landfills. Investigations included wetland sediment/stream sampling, an ecological evaluation and remediation. NV5 developed Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPP) and Health and Safety Plans (HASP) for the work completed.

The following AOCs were identified: a tank farm, two solid waste landfills, a wastewater treatment plant, creeks, railroad tracks, hazardous storage areas, historical pesticide areas, a power plant and sludge drying pads. Twenty-three building interiors were assessed for contamination and NV5 oversaw all building demolition activities. Over 30,000 cubic yards of contaminated soil and 30,000 cubic yards of solid waste were disposed of off-site during the Remedial Action (RA) phase. NV5 prepared SI/RI/RAW/RA  reports and the associated submittal forms. NV5 also prepared contractor specifications and drawings for remediation of site-wide contamination and oversaw the site remedial contractor.


Morris Plains, New Jersey


DPMC - Division of Property Management & Construction


  • Site Reconnaissance
  • Site and Remedial Investigations
  • Soil/Sediment/Surface Water/GW Sample Collection
  • Well Installation Monitoring
  • Benthic Acroinvertebrate Testing and Sediment Toxicity
  • Progress Reports/Scheduling
  • Contractor Specifications/Bid Solicitation
  • Contractor Oversight During Remedial Action
  • Groundwater In-Situ Oxidation Treatment
  • QAPP and HASP
  • Remedial Permits/Deed Notice Preparation NJDEP Reporting: SIR/RIR/RAW/RAR