NV5 - Healthcare Employee Potential Radiation Overexposure

Healthcare Employee Potential Radiation Overexposure

When an employee raised concerns of a potential radiation overexposure at work, this healthcare provider in Washington, DC, asked NV5’s certified health physicists to evaluate the potential overexposure and the investigative work that had been performed.

We prepared a report addressing the potential incident and the employee’s concerns and provided potential scenarios that could have produced the potential overexposure. Subsequently, we conducted a thorough review of the healthcare provider’s current radiation safety program, including conducting several small-scale audits of select facilities. We then developed and implemented two radiation safety training modules – one for administrative personnel and a second for technical personnel – that we provided to more than 400 employees in approximately 6 weeks.

Our written report on the potential overexposure helped relieve the concerns of the employee involved and was considered “the best report of its kind ever seen” by the Director of Radiology. Further, our thorough review of the existing radiation safety program, together with our radiation safety training courses, assisted in the development of a compliant, solid radiation safety program for this healthcare provider.


Washington, DC