Laser Safety Assessment

An NV5 certified laser safety officer conducted a laser safety assessment for compliance with New York state requirements. A laser inventory, safety training (general and equipment specific), and an overall laser safety program were prepared. At this worksite, 31 lasers in 15 devices are used including fully enclosed analytical tools, handheld laser barcode scanning devices, and laser microscopes. Lasers with exposed pathways, including the scanners, can exceed state mandated exposure levels thus triggering a need for a laser radiation safety program.

Using the state requirements, a matrix was also developed to assist the client with future purchases. Elements included exemption determination, registration requirements (if needed), and determinations if changes are needed to the program in all the rule elements (employer and employee responsibilities, training, personal protection, device labeling, disposal procedures, and annual inventory requirements).

NV5 supports a variety of commercial companies and federal agencies in assessing their laser safety needs, developing or auditing their laser safety programs, and establishing and conducting laser safety training programs.


New York, NY