Metropolitan Apartments

The Metropolitan Apartments can arguably be considered one of the most interesting projects that we have been involved with. This project began in 2015 when NV5 was asked to evaluate a 2-acre assemblage on the northern side of downtown Raleigh that included the former site of a Greyhound Bus Station. We helped the prospective purchaser evaluate their risks associated with possible petroleum leaks at the site and the presence of asbestos in the former buildings. Subsequently, we provided geotechnical investigations along with detailed in-situ cone penetration tests to provide design recommendations for the ground improvement and foundation systems needed to support the parking deck structure and the wood framed apartment building. Construction began in 2016 but was suspended when a fire ravaged the partially completed structure. We coordinated with the project design and construction teams to evaluate the effects of the fire and were ready when construction resumed in 2017. We have performed construction materials testing and Special Inspection services for the project, including soils and foundation testing, verification of rammed aggregate pier construction for ground improvement, concrete quality control testing, verification of reinforcing steel for foundations and slabs, testing of structural steel connections, and verification of wood framing connections.


Raleigh, North Carolina


  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Testing Services