NV5 - MilliporeSigma Central Utility Plant

MilliporeSigma Biomass Central Utility Plant

NV5 provided prime project management and engineering design services for a new biomass central utility plant located on the MilliporeSigma’s Jaffrey, New Hampshire campus. The project was designed and built using an Integrated Project Delivery method. MilliporeSigma and NV5 collaborated with Lean Project Consulting, Inc. (LPC), who provided lean construction training, consulting, and project oversight.

The new biomass plant represents the single largest infrastructure capital improvement project undertaken at the Jaffrey manufacturing site to date, targeted at significantly reducing the company’s greenhouse gases. The system offsets 600,000 gallons of fuel oil.

The new central plant effectively replaces 14 existing oil-fired boilers that produce heat and steam for the plant and associated processes. The biomass system incorporates emissions control with an electrostatic precipitator. The new plant also includes a back-pressure turbine for on site electricity production, an 800-ton chilled water absorber, and two 800-ton electrical centrifugal chillers to replace 22 existing air-cooled chillers. The combined heating and cooling savings are expected to exceed $1,000,000 annually.

Additional NV5 scope included interconnecting to the existing boiler plants and networking them for redundancy; right-sizing the system; confirming net plant output; sizing of deaerator consumption and of turbine for cogeneration; complete site design; and overall project management throughout the entire construction project. In order to optimize the final design, our design team investigated numerous biomass equipment vendors and supply firms which included the study of cutting-edge biomass systems in operation.


Jaffrey, NH




Key Facts

Construction Cost $10.2M