MRMC Thermal Services Owner’s Technical Representative

Milwaukee Regional Medical Center Thermal Services, Inc. (MRMC Thermal) acquired the Milwaukee County Power Plant to improve resiliency and reduce long-term expense associated with the steam and chilled water service to the campus. NV5 supported MRMC Thermal throughout the multiple stages of purchasing, transitioning, and upgrading the plants and distribution systems for their ownership and operation.

The multiple upgrades involved several phases and the creation of a multiple plant system while maintaining reliable service to the campus, which includes critical care hospitals with Level 1 trauma centers and a medical school with vivariums. The project required the building of a new facility as well as complete remodels of existing spaces, use of temporary boilers, removal of coal fired boilers, absorption chillers and cooling towers from service, a boiler pressure/superheater modification, addition of 280,000 PPH of new natural gas/fuel oil permanent boilers, installation of 7,500 tons of new chillers, new and replacement cooling towers, a chiller turbine conversion, emergency generation, fuel oil storage, and all associated auxiliaries and controls.

Working as MRMC Thermal’s trusted advisor, NV5’s duties included, but were not limited to, verification of design and installation effectiveness and quality, long-term operational and maintenance reviews, value engineering, risk analysis of options, budget and schedule management, commissioning of second boiler plant, selection of contractors and major equipment, selection of plant operation organization and support on contracts, utilization of Wisconsin’s energy savings rebate program, construction and Title V air permit submissions, and conflict resolution.


Milwaukee, WI


Milwaukee Regional Medical Center Thermal Services, Inc.


Key Facts

  • 280,000 PPH Steam Boilers
  • 7,500 Tons Chiller Capacity
  • Title V