Niagara County Community College Hospitality and Tourism Center

Downtown Niagara, New York, is now home to the new Hospitality and Tourism Center, an attractive addition to the Niagara County Community College campus. Tourists are invited to enjoy all the center has to offer, which includes a restaurant, wine boutique, deli, pastry café, as well as a Barnes & Noble. This first class “destination location” also houses the Niagara Community College Culinary Institute and space for general classes. Inside the facility, aspiring chefs and other degree-seekers are surrounded by a rich technological environment that stimulates and offers an educational “smorgasbord” beyond the norm.

A large hall referred to as the Theater is designed for lectures, cooking demonstrations, and community events. The space is enhanced by multimedia presentation, housing a dual projection system along with motorized projection screens. High-definition pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras and a video capture system record and deliver presentations. The technology provides automatic capture of lecturers’ voices and demonstrations without altering how they are presented. In addition, the Theater has the capability to serve as a studio for the recording and production of live television programs and broadcasts. Through the use of multi-camera production techniques that include high definition broadcast grade cameras, objects are viewed from different angles enabling frames to blend together seamlessly. Busy learners have convenient access 24/7 to the content distributed. This system also allows for simultaneous showing of presentations in the Theater on any of the signage displays and external LED displays. External LED’s can present event information as well.

Six culinary labs contain state-of-the-art technology and are designed to facilitate different aspects of cooking and baking. Ceiling-mounted PTZ cameras inside the Pastry, Garde Manger, Saucier, Chocolate, Ice, and Mixology labs capture the instructor’s work surface. Demonstration content is received and distributed via flat panel displays located throughout the lab space, and students can easily play the content back on the monitors. The high-end restaurant includes a private dining room enhanced by the multimedia presentation system. Designed to accommodate group meetings, the dining room is equipped with a flat panel display and wall-mounted stereo loudspeakers for audio sound purposes. A demonstration kitchen area inside Barnes & Noble makes for a one-of-a-kind bookstore. Here, patrons can view cooking demonstrations via state-of-the-art capture technology. If book browsing is more of a priority for some, demonstrations can also be seen via monitors throughout the store to satisfy mildly interested customers. Exhibit areas contain a digital signage player that automatically comes to life when it “senses” someone. Featured exhibits include Agri-Tourism, Wine Trail, Bike Trails, Recreation/Canal and Arts/Culture/History.